Parini Hospital, Aosta

The reuse of the Parini Hospital aims at the reunification of acute care in one single Regional facility. The choice to adapt the existing Hospital is the result of an intense debate, both at national and regional levels, which for years have been considering whether it was more convenient to delocalize services out of town or enhance the beloved historic hospital in the city center. The new hospital (5 floors above ground and 2 underground) will host the wards H24, the operating block, the intensive care and the new ER, directly accessible from Via Roma. The new complex is integrated into the existing campus through a system of underground and overhead connections along Viale Ginevra; on the opposite side, there is the Hospital Street, which is the main public circulation axis. The functional reorganization of the campus requires that existing hospital will host mainly day care functions as well as the Department of Psychiatry and the Mother and Child Unit, currently located in the former Beauregard Maternity block. The two main design principles that guide the scheme regard the humanization of the hospital environment and the functional organization based on the model for intensity of care. The concept of humanization, that is, the value given to the centrality of the patient, is expressed in the study of the sensory communication of the environment aimed at the warmest welcome, from the definition of the urban entrance to the hospital-street and the main Hall that plays the role of connector between the different hospital centers, differentiated by type of services to optimize the flow, efficiency and quality of care.
Size: 75,000 sqm
Beds: 458
Dates: 2013 - ongoing
Value: 120.000.000,00 euro
Structural engineering: Biagio De Risi
M&E:Studio TI
Complesso Ospedaliero Umberto Parini