New Gateway Building, Careggi, Florence
2007 - 2010

The new Multi-zone Management Centre, located at the northern tip of the healthcare complex, has a strategic role both as an urban junction and an architectural presence in Careggi and Florence.
In addition to the complex functional organization, the architectural solution tackles, via a progression of volumes and diversification of the facades, the urban character of the intervention that is divided into four main blocks: Multi-zone (7,616 m2) where the office and teaching spaces are planned; Management (6,212 m2) with the Public Relations offices; Hall (5,767m2) with the commercial area, conference room, reception, and General Management and Healthcare Administration offices; the three-level car park with a total of 429 car parking spaces.
Area: 19,596 sqm
Multi-storey car park: 13,000 mq
University and Hospital Agency of Careggi