PARESA Company
Cesena, Forlì, 2994 - 2007

The characterizing solution of the intervention is that of suspending “as a bridge” the new building on the pre-existing structure, adopting a constructive system that does not interfere with the existing structure and that consists of a gateway composed of four pillars grounded outside the building on which to rest two reticular beams at full height that function as the “dorsal spine” of the load-bearing cage structure.
The new PARESA therefore transforms into a sophisticated “skeleton – skin” building with a technologically and culturally advanced structural language. The vertical and horizontal structural components are steel, whilst the casing is a double skin of glass and steel: on the external facades the glass is shielded by corten rods and on the internal facades by stainless steel networks.
Size: 2,120 sqm
Paresa spa
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