Baggiovara General Hospital, Modena
1994 - 2005

The hospital that does not resemble a hospital. In Emilia they call them the “barchesse”: they are the old hay-barns that characterize the Modena countryside with their sloping roofs and open facades punctuated by pillared frames. The Baggiovara hospital, despite its 700 beds, adopts an unusual vision that abandons the institutional codes in order to propose an innovative complex respectful of the region’s traditions. The morphology of the raised banks in relation to the river below is the topographical reference upon which the project’s environmental integration solution is based. The exterior image therefore communicates connection with the culture of the area, whereas the interior planning criteria are based on maximum ease of orientation, starting from the main foyer from where the entire layout originates.
Size: 96,000 sqm
700 beds
Local Health Agency of Modena
Cronache di Progetto: Ospedale di Piombino, Ospedale di Foligno, Ospedale di Modena, Ospedale della Valdichiana e Ospedali per la cura dell’AIDS; in: GB Progetti n.18 Lug./Ago
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