Meyer Children's Hospital, Florence
2000 - 2007

The new Meyer hospital in Florence is the result of the experience and inter-disciplinary expertise of a diverse range of professionals who discussed their various requirements with a view to creating an ideal space for a ‘humanisation’ of the facility. The project takes on a multitude of design issues ranging from the renovation of the ancient Ognissanti Villa to the realization of a modern and innovative children’s hospital.
The new Meyer in Florence is one of the first successful examples of a form of experimentation whereby the architecture interprets the perception of space through infant psychology in order to create what will be a true hospital for children – a hospital for the future, in other words.
37.000 sq m (11.000 sq m, refurbishment; 26.000 sq m new extension)
Beds No 200 ca. (160 + 40 Day Hospital + 17 oncoematology);
Ambulatories n°50;
Operating thetres n°5;
2 Day Surgery;
Examining rooms n°9
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