General Hospital and Faculty of Medicine - University of Magna Graecia, Catanzaro
2004 -

The project for the completion of the premises of the new Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Catanzaro, situated in the locality of Germaneto, involves a larger extension than the “Magna Græcia” University is creating for the new University Campus. The complex is composed of a “day-hospital unit” for health activities with a heavy influx of external users, and a sector for teaching and research called the “preclinical unit”. The project proposes an articulated ensemble of several buildings within which, on a human scale, university and hospital life can take place. The modularity of the typology and structural plan was designed to guarantee the necessary flexibility required to absorb possible future expansions and increases in space requirements.
healthcare 110.000 mq
university 40.000 mq
University of Magna Graecia
Giuseppe La Faranca, Policlinico dell’Università degli Studi della Magna Graecia, in: Il Nuovo Cantiere 3/2007