San Giovanni Battista Hospital - Foligno, Perugia
1999 - 2006

San Giovanni Battista Hospital has a low environmental impact; it is strongly connected to the city and with the road system that guarantees easy access to the complex.
Its horizontal layout is interrupted by emerging elements that characterize its architectural composition:  an identity takes into account the tradition and history of the Umbria Region.
The functional flexibility was implemented with great care to keep up with the growth potential of biomedical technologies.
Size: 21,000 m2
Local Health Authority of the South Umbrian Valley
Cronache di Progetto: Ospedale di Piombino, Ospedale di Foligno, Ospedale di Modena, Ospedale della Valdichiana e Ospedali per la cura dell’AIDS; in: GB Progetti n.18 Lug./Ago
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