Professor of Architecture Technology at the “Pierluigi Spadolini” Department of Architecture and Design of the University of Florence.
Since 1991 he has been a member of the Inter-University Centre of Research on Systems and Technologies for Healthcare Buildings (TESIS), which the Universities of Florence, Milan and “La Sapienza” in Rome are connected with.
In 1975, together with Paolo Felli and Romano del Nord, he founded the professional association of architects CSPE in Florence, for the development of research, study and professional advice on the planning of building complexes in the tertiary and healthcare building sectors.
During his professional life, as Director of CSPE, as well as coordinating the planning of complex healthcare buildings, he has also realized and developed research activity in other sectors of Public Works building, mentioning in particular: Group Leader Winner of the Competition held by the Region of Emilia Romagna on innovative experimentation with reference to the Regional Technical Regulations (NTR). Manager of the experimental project CER (Centre for Residential Building)/Ministry of Public Works in Livorno. Managing Coordinator of numerous studies on public and hospital structures including: “Socio-medical Centres: definition of an open style constructive system” and Technical policies for the planning and dimensioning of the judicial buildings – Ministry of Justice.
The constant research leads to innovative buildings such as the AMGA headquarter and the PARESA factory as well as to the many residential developments and private villas in the Emilia Romagna Region.
To the academic and professional activity, Andreucci joins a strong interest in painting: his famous pastels illustrate the Tuscan and Romagnolo landscapes with a particular sensitivity to textures and colours.