CSPE, Centro Studi Progettazione Edilizia (Building Design Study Centre), was founded in Florence in 1975 by Antonio Andreucci, Paolo Felli and Romano Del Nord. In 1999 Giulio Felli and Corrado Lupatelli joined the practice as associates.
Founded thirty years ago in Florence, CSPE is now one of Italy’s leading architectural practice specialized in healthcare design and facilities for the public sector. Engaged in a wide spectrum of projects, it fosters innovation and supports academic research at national and international level.
Recent projects include some of the major national hospitals such as: Montepulciano Joined Hospitals near Siena, San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Foligno, Meyer Children Hospital in Florence.
CSPE architecture defies easy stylistic definitions and it is characterized by an approach that embraces diversity and create design solutions that are environmentally responsive, innovative and people focused.
Through the years, CSPE projects have received awards for excellence in design from Institutions such as the European Community, World Health Organization, and Unesco.

prof. arch. Antonio Andreucci
prof. arch. Paolo Felli
prof. arch. Romano Del Nord
arch. Giulio Felli
arch. Corrado Lupatelli

Silvia Murru

Maria Margheri
Paolo Giusti

information technology
arch. Massimo Gerini

arch. Marco De Luca
rag. Paolo Giusti

quality control
arch. Manola Caruso

3D modelling

arch. Luca Massini
arch. Marco Benvenuti
arch. Marco De Luca

project architects
arch. Manola Caruso
arch. Riccardo Mascione
arch. David Matteoli
arch. Claudia Santelli
arch. Kendra Gardner
arch. Sabina Calvano
arch. Thierry Barion
arch. Francesca Fornari

quantity survey- site management
arch. Simone Bonini
geom. Emanuele Guidotti
p.i. Marco Cenni